Marc - Prof d'anglais - Bruxelles

C’est le nec plus ultra des professeurs. Qualité du profil, excellence du diplôme, réponse garantie. Marc organisera avec soin votre premier cours d'Anglais.


  • Tarif horaire 40€
  • Temps de réponse 1h
  • Nombre d’élèves 50+
Marc - Prof d'anglais - Bruxelles
  • 4.9 (23 avis)


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  • Anglais
  • Expression orale - anglais
  • Compréhension orale - anglais
  • Expression écrite - anglais
  • Réduction d'accent anglais

Fun friendly English lessons by native English teacher from London. Quality classes adapted to needs. Face-to-face or Zoom for teenagers and adults

Lieux du cours

    • Chez Marc : Bruxelles

    • Par webcam
    • chez vous ou dans un lieu public : déplacement jusqu'à 20 km depuis Bruxelles


C’est le nec plus ultra des professeurs. Qualité du profil, excellence du diplôme, réponse garantie. Marc organisera avec soin votre premier cours.

A propos de Marc

Fun Learning English!

➔ Individual private tuition or in small groups
➔ Adults and teenagers welcome
➔ Building confidence in English through active participation
➔ Help with homework and exam preparation
➔ Job interview coaching
➔ Face-to-face or online learning with ZOOM
➔ Conversation tables

Brush up your English in a small friendly group!

Conversation tables in Chant d'Oiseau (new intake: January and April 2023)

➔ Wednesday mornings at 9.00 a.m. and at 10.20 a.m.
Centre Communautaire du Chant d'Oiseau, 1150 WSP.

➔ On Wednesdays at 9.00 a.m. we share our good humour, so that we can have a fun morning talking about the subjects you choose, often personal news, politics, holidays, exhibitions, films, books and theatre you may have loved or hated, and of course jokes you may wish to share. Bring your smile! Advanced level.

➔ On Wednesdays at 10.20 a.m. we study interesting texts that you bring, poetry, songs, news articles or any other subjects you feel might interest the other class members. Sometimes we may study a text from BBC Learning English or take a dictation. You can share with me your ideas or send me the texts that you would like me to prepare, so that we can have a fun morning studying together! Intermediate level.

By University educated Native English Teacher. (Thames Polytechnic, University of Greenwich.)

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A propos du cours

  • Secondaire
  • Formation pour adultes
  • Enseignement Supérieur
  • +8
  • niveaux :


    Formation pour adultes

    Enseignement Supérieur






    Autre formation professionnelle



  • Français
  • Anglais

Toutes les langues parlées pour le cours :



➔ Native English teacher for teenagers and adults in Brussels.
➔ Brush-up your English!
➔ Fun learning English!
➔ Teens and adults love the task-based, active classes with full participation!
➔ Using positive energy, good humour and full participation, students of English gain confidence, fluency, and can get to the next level.
➔ Playing theatre dramas, learning with songs, BBC Learning English, analysing newspaper articles, computer games, grammar exercises, dictations etc..
➔ Classes adapted to needs. Sometimes I find it necessary to give coaching outdoors, especially where it is important to build up self-confidence. This often helps teenagers who have had enough sitting down all day in the classroom, (or too much online learning sitting behind a computer screen). They also need to move!
➔ I also correct homework. Just send it to me and I'll have a look.

(Bien qu'anglophone, je parle aussi le français que j'essaie de n'utiliser que si nécessaire.) Brussels, Woluwe, Watermael-Boitsfort.

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Tarif horaire

  • 40€

Tarifs packs

  • 5 h: 200€
  • 10 h: 400€


  • 40€/h


  • + 10€


Individual lessons 40€ per hour
Déplacement + 10€ /h
Weekends or after school + 10€ /h
Please call
English Conversation Club Tables de Conversation 10€

En savoir plus sur Marc

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En savoir plus sur Marc

  • Parlez-vous couramment cette langue en raison de vos origines ou parce qu'un professeur vous a donné envie de l'apprendre ?

    London born and bred, I did all my schooling and university there, worked in London for several years, then after falling in love with a Belgian girl, I moved to Brussels! She didn't stay with me, but now I've got three wonderful Belgian daughters, who've all left home!
  • Citez le personnage vivant, historique ou fictif qui est, selon vous, le représentant emblématique de la culture en question !

    John Lennon with his peace inspiring, anti-war song, "Imagine".

    "We are the Champions". A war cry of success by Queen's Freddie Mercury.

    Frank Sinatra and his magnificent "My Way" who's reflecting on his force and courage, facing and dealing with the obstacles of life.

    I just realised that up to now I've been a bit sexist, I can't leave out women's successes; let's add Kate Bush and the beautiful love song she sings with Peter Gabriel, "Don't Give Up".
  • Y-a-t-il, dans celle-ci, un mot, une expression, une tradition ou un comportement typique qui vous amuse particulièrement ?

    "A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!" Who can tell me who said this, and what the context was?
  • En quoi savoir parler cette langue est important, que ce soit scolairement, professionnellement ou d'un point de vue plus personnel ?

    A kind of collective torture for students from all over the world, learning to communicate in the language of Shakespeare! Shouldn't Latin be the European language? Equally difficult for all, including for the English? The basis of Law, Medicine and Theology since the Middle Ages?

    Somehow England's aggressive royalty, military and soldiers, means that English has been imposed all over the world, starting with the colonies. Nowadays, it's always good to be able to speak the language of your client!
  • Quelle est la difficulté principale de cette langue et ce qui peut favoriser son apprentissage ?

    I'm sure everyone realises that the spelling doesn't match the pronunciation. How do you pronounce this word: LAUGH? And why do foreign students feel baffled by phrasal verbs, when, to us they seem so obvious that we don't even realise they're there?
  • Une anecdote en rapport avec votre métier ou votre scolarité à nous raconter ?

    George Michael was in my class at school, I ran the Scout Hut Discos in Bushey, when we were teenagers. It was there that he did his first gig. On a different note, I have been running The English Conversation Club for many years in Chant d'Oiseau, and am teaching engineering students at Brussels Engineering School, ECAM (Ecole Centrale des Arts et Metiers) on the UCL campus in Alma, Woluwe.
  • Aidez-nous à vous connaître un peu mieux en évoquant vos différents voyages.

    I took my bicycle to India, cycled about 100 km a day, from Bombay going south, along the coastal road and in the Ghat mountains. When I got to Bangalore I ended up working as an unpaid volunteer, taking care of over 40 orphaned boys for 5 months.
  • Qu'est-ce qui fait de vous un Superprof, en + de cette capacité à s'exprimer en plusieurs langues ?

    Simple, that's obvious. I AM … THE Super Prof!

    (Well, at least I think I'm the best Super Prof in my street!)

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