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21€ /h
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Talk to me in French! French conversation course: don't be lost in translation...

Conversational French lessons with native speaker in Brussels. Tailor made lessons that suit your needs!

Do you want to practice more spoken French with a native speaker? I'm here to help! Having experience in teaching conversational French for more than three years, I have developed more than 50 topics in everyday life for discussion that suit from beginners to advanced level.
Throughout the course, you will learn expand new vocabularies for working and living in Belgium, learn common phrases in different situation and deepen your knowledge of Belgian culture.

The course usually last 1.5 hour and in the end of each sessions, I will show you where to improve on lexis or pronunciations and explain grammar points if necessary.

My students who took the course with me said they see their French improve after one month and have more confidence talking to francophone colleagues and friends!

1h00: 21€ (18€ + 3€ drink)
1h30: 28€ (25€ + 3€ drink)
2h00: 35€ (32€ + 3€ drink)

Travel fee: 3€ (max. 5 km from Georges-Henri)

But hey, if we meet near Georges-Henri / Meudon / Joséphine-Charlotte, there no travel fee! And if we meet at your place, there's no drink fee since you kindly make a warm cup of coffee for me! :)

You want to book 10 lessons (paid in advance)? You have 10% discount.
How about 20 lessons in advance? You have 10% discount and a free bonus lesson.

No refund. Sorry.
In case of absence: notify 6 hours in advance, otherwise you'll have to pay forfeit of an hour.

The first hour is offered as a trial lesson (*)

(*) travel cost or drink cost remain at your charge.

Alors, quand commence-t-on ? :)

J'enseigne le fle français langue étrangère, l'expression orale - français, la compréhension orale - français. Pour les niveaux primaire, secondaire, supérieur, formation pour adultes, débutant, intermédiaire.
Je donne des cours en face à face, chez l'élève.
Je me suis connecté cette semaine.

Expériences de Gilles

I have taught French conversation for small groups of expats, mostly Japanese people for two years. I am native speaker of French language. My education was in French and now I am working in Brussels, my home city. I love reading French literature and learn some new words every day.

Curriculum Vitae de Gilles

I have Secondary School diploma and had always understood orthography and spelling to the point of correcting my classmates mistakes.

Les professeurs similaires

des cours de fle français langue étrangère à proximité ? Voici une sélection d'annonces de professeurs pouvant vous accompagner. Superprof peut aussi vous proposer des cours d'expression orale - français pour vous aider. Apprendre n'est plus un soucis, des cours de compréhension orale - français accessible(s) pour tous !

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