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Step by step to a fluent English 16/h
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Step by step to a fluent English

I am willing to help anyone whatever level you have

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J'enseigne l'anglais.

Je donne des cours en face à face, chez l'élève.

Je donne des cours par Webcam.

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Hello guys!

My name is Vanessa and i'm passionate about languages, especially english that i start learning at a very young age. I lived in the USA for several months and it helped me a lot. As a Non Native English-speaker, i understand the barriers, the fear that prevent people from handling this beautiful language.
What i offer you is to lead you step by step, to a fluent English. I will give you some tips, i will make you slowly fall in love with this language of shakespeare.

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I did my master degree in the U.S, I have helped a lot of friends eversince

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