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Improve your English conversation with a native speaker in and around Antony/Sceaux

I am from Southern California, living and teaching in France for over 10 years now. I have worked with all age levels from age 5 to adult. I personalise my lessons according to the level of my students and their individual needs. I have taught grammar, vocabulary, reading, and conversation. I have also worked with students in preparation for the BAC, TOEFL, school and job interviews, etc. I have worked with adults specifically in the area of conversation and work-related English skills. I have roughly around 35 - 38 students per year, working from one hour at least once a week with each one. I have retained the majority of my students over the years and have watched many of them graduate from high school with impressive marks on their English BAC. More importantly for me, I have seen them become fluent English speakers, not just students who know how to do well on an exam. This is what has made me the most proud of all. And I am very proud to see how my students have progressed over the years and how much they enjoy speaking English! That is what teaching is all about!
I have a BA from UCSD, majoring in Sociology, 1989.
As for my formal education and background in teaching: I completed two teaching programs for Elementary Education and Special Education in San Diego, California.
I worked as a primary school teacher in California, as well as working with students with special needs at the high school level (1992 -2005). I have worked for years with second language learners and speak several languages myself. I have a true love and passion for languages and hope to impart this to my students. Most importantly, to learn English because they want to learn and like to learn the language, not simply because they 'have to.' I try to make learning fun and interesting, and I enjoy teaching immensely!

J'enseigne l'anglais, l'anglais américain. Pour les niveaux primaire, secondaire, , , , formation pour adultes, débutant, intermédiaire, avancé.
Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.
Je donne des cours par Webcam.
Je me suis connectée ces deux dernières semaines.

Les 9 avis sur Leesa
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Les 2 évaluations sur Leesa

Klervi primaire

Parfait ! Leesa enseigne l'anglais à ma fille âgée de 10 ans. Leesa est une excellente professeure, très pédagogue, extrêmement sympathique et dynamique. Elle dispose de matériel pédagogique adapté aux besoins de ses élèves. Nous sommes très satisfaits de son approche pédagogique.


Thank you so much for these lovely words! I am touched. I really enjoy working with C. and talking with you when I am there. You have such a lovely family. I am very proud to see how C. is very eagar and motivated to learn English. She is a wonderful student. I am very pleased you are happy with the lessons.

Cecile primaire

Parfait ! We met Leesa recently. She is a lovely person, and we had very nice and easy contact. She cumulates being native english speaker, and having great experience with kids, which makes her profile perfectly matching our needs. What I really like is that she is very engaged in her teaching, as well as creative, and she proposed us a not-only-scholar approach that I think will be very efficient with my two young boys (6 and 8). This week, she gave them their first lesson, baking in english amazing brownies, and they loved it. I really look forward to continuing to welcome Leesa into our lives over the next year, and I of course strongly recommend her.


It was a pleasure to meet you and your kids. I am looking forward to working with them and getting to know your family over the next year. See you soon! Thanks so much for contacting me.. Sincerely, Leesa

Les 7 recommandations sur Leesa


Leesa's dedication and love for her students is immeasurable. She was extremely instrumental in my Autistic Daughters reaching her goals and beyond. Along with My Daughter she was hands on with all her disabled students. She wants to see her students succeed, she takes her time with each student with love and patients. I will always be grateful for Leesa being a part of my Autistic Daughter and my life. I would recommend her to teach any student anything.


Leesa est le professeur d'anglais de notre famille depuis dix ans. Elle a initié avec pédagogie l'anglais à quatre de nos enfants et actuellement les accompagne au collège. Pour les 3 autres qu'elle a suivit au collège et au lycée (dont deux en classe anglophone) ses cours et conversations ont été de précieux compléments. Ils ont obtenu des notes excellentes au baccalauréat . De plus Leesa a un bon contact avec les enfants et adolescents et sait les intéresser sur le long terme de plus ils acquièrent un très bon accent. Nous la recommandons vivement.


Here's my recommendation for you:

As a fellow ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, I highly recommend Leesa Garcia as a teacher for you and your kids alike.

Leesa's solid academic education combined with her many years' teaching experience make her an excellent coach and guide into discovering your talents in English. The best of all, Leesa is able to put in place an ambiance of confidence and enthusiasm so that you'll feel excited to learn more. Leesa will teach you English that is alive and useful in everyday life. She'll even bake American pastries with you. Let California sun.enter your life thru Leesa.

Expériences de Leesa

I have been teaching English for 10 years in France. I started with a few students and increased my load over the years, starting around my third year of teaching, I had increased my number of students to around 35 a week on average. I work on an individual level with each student and shape the lessons according to the specific needs of each student.
I am happy to relate that I have worked with the majority of my students (approximately 95 per cent) for the past 10 years, some come and go.. while others graduate from high school and go on to higher studies. I am proud of my students who have succeeded on their English BAC with scores of 16 to 18 on average! It is not only their mark that I am very proud of, but their ability to speak and write English fluently! To me, this is even more important that doing well on an important exam. I pride myself on being an attentive teacher, looking for ways to make learning a language fun, engaging my students in interesting conversations and interesting work (when applicable). I have also had several adult clients succeed in their interviews for job posts as well as being accepted to high learn institutes. I believe that my students have all benefited from my teaching experience and methods to their fullest, as I have gained invaluable experience in teaching and working with all of them. It is a two-way street where both teacher and learner learn from one another! This is one of the things I really love about teaching!

Curriculum Vitae de Leesa

I received a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego. Minors in History and English/American Literature.

I received an Elementary Education K - grade 8 Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from National University, San Diego, California in 1992

I received a Special Education Credential from San Diego State University in 2001

I have worked in a public elementary school setting from 1989 to 2000
I have worked at public high school teaching special education from 2000 to 2005
I am currently working as a private English teacher in France. I began in 2006 to present and work with all ages from children to adults.

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