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Frenchminute - Cours de français (FLE) pour adolescents - French (FFL) course for teenagers - Audiovisual course sent by email - 60+ recommandations sur LinkedIn 40 /h
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Frenchminute - Cours de français (FLE) pour adolescents - French (FFL) course for teenagers - Audiovisual course sent by email - 60+ recommandations sur LinkedIn

Frenchminute Language and Culture for teenagers is a audiovisual French course designed for adolescents and sent by email to allow them to learn French while visiting the French popular culture appealing for their age

In each issue of my email based course Frenchminute Language and Culture for teenagers, they will find :

- short audiovisual documents on themes that, in the French popular culture, interest young people so that they will learn French easily through extracts of French popular culture cult materpieces (songs, sketches, movies, novels...)
- exact transcripts of the lyrics/texts/dialogues...
- explanations about French grammar, vocabulary, context...
- short rubrics about French grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions...

They will explore with each issue the cultural references that are shared by all the French and all the French speaking people.

They will practice their listening and reading skills, their vocabulary, their grammar... in a fun and interesting way.

To speak a language is not just to use words, structures, tenses...
it is to understand and use all the veiled references that the French share and exchange.

Frenchminute Language and Culture for teenagers will give them the keys of this secret code.

Frenchminute audiovisual French course for teenagers consists of 30 issues (1 issue a week) and costs 300 euros.

Infos pratiques sur Jean-Robert

J'enseigne le soutien scolaire.

Je donne exclusivement des cours par Webcam.

Expériences de Jean-Robert

I have been teaching French for 24 years.
I have taught French linguistics & literature and French as a foreign language in higher schools and universities.
Between 2000 and 2012, I worked as freelance French teacher in Brussels where I specialized in one-to-one courses. I taught a wide range of professional people including business lawyers, lobbyists, diplomats, Members of the European Parliament, European civil servants (among them 2 commissioners and 3 directors general), interpreters, journalists, etc.
Lately, the professional lives of my clients accelerated to the point where finding a regular time for a serious and effective learning process became difficult to maintain.
To meet this challenge I designed a comprehensive distant learning program for French based on hyperflexibility, conviviality, pleasure and interest, that allows my overloaded clients to continue with learning and developing their French skills.

Curriculum Vitae de Jean-Robert

Teacher of French as a foreign language (FFL)
Master in Romance Philology (Université Libre de Bruxelles - with high honours)
Agrégation (Université Libre de Bruxelles - with honours)
- Preparatory section to the Royal Military School (Brussels/Belgium)
- Highschools in Acadia Parish (Louisiana/USA)
- Shanghai International Studies University/SISU (China)
- Collège d'Alzon (Bure/Belgium)
- French teacher at the Besançon university training program in Palestine (Ibrahimieh Community College - Jerusalem/Palestine)
- Al-Quds University (Jerusalem/Palestine)
- Birzeit University (Ramallah/Palestine)
- Freelance French tutor (Brussels)
- French teacher via Skype and email - Foundation of Frenchminute com

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