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French as a Second Language tutoring, with trained and qualified teacher from Nice, France. 20/h
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French as a Second Language tutoring, with trained and qualified teacher from Nice, France.


Avez-vous des difficultés en français, ou bien désirez-vous simplement renforcer vos acquis?
Are you struggling with French, or do you simply want to improve your skills? Maybe you just decided to start learning it? Then do not hesitate to contact me so that we can meet and start working together!
I am a dynamic French teacher and native speaker from Nice, France. Most of my students are young adults with academic goals, but I also have senior learners, along with children and teenagers. I attended the university of Nice and obtained a M.A. in French as a Second Language (FSL or FLE in French, Français Langue Etrangère) there.
I have been tutoring French for more than 15 years now, thus my academic training and past experience make my teaching very effective and allow me to help you with everything you need to work on : grammar, reading, writing, conversational skills but also cultural insight. The French Riviera is a very popular touristic destination, so most of my students are English speakers : that means I can easily anticipate your potential difficulties, and therefore focus our work on what you actually need. I have a lot of material we can work with, so you do not need to worry about textbooks if you do not have any.
My rates are only €20 an hour, with a reduction to €15/hour for 2 or more hours/week!!! Rates also decrease for group sessions (from two students on). We can conveniently meet in the Louis Nucéra public library of Nice or a café of your choice for our first meeting, that will NOT be charged : first we need to know each other a little bit if we decide to start working together. During this first meeting, according to the purpose of your learning, your level and your learning style(s), we will define a strategy and adopt methods that will fit your needs and progression most adequately. Skype sessions are also possible.
Speaking French is fun and affordable with me so do not delay! If you have further questions, I will be happy to answer them! Bonne journée et à très bientôt! (Have a nice day and see you soon!)

Infos pratiques sur Franck

J'enseigne le français langue étrangère fle.

Je donne des cours en face à face, chez l'élève.

Je donne des cours par Webcam.

Expériences de Franck

I have been teaching French to non native speakers for more than 15 years now, So I have to say I lost count of them. I taught both in Nice and in Washington DC for a couple of years. Most of my US learners were students and achieved their academic goals easily. In France, most of my learners are adult workers that needed to feel comfortable quickly in French and to be rightfully functional using it, and they are generally quite satisfied in a few weeks.

Curriculum Vitae de Franck

Master de Français Langue Etrangère et Seconde (FLES), obtenu à l'Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis

Plus de 15 ans d'enseignement du FLES, à un public essentiellement anglophone ou italophone.

Langues parlées

Français : natif
Anglais : courant
Italien : courant
Espagnol : C1/C2 (compétence élevée)

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