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French courses by Skype worldwide. Native French teacher. All levels.

I am French native speaker and I live & work in Paris.

I teach individual French courses in Paris or by Skype worldwide.

My website : (information cachée)

You can learn or perfect your French with me at your home, at your workplace or wherever you want. Free trials. Live classes. All levels.
I provide you all the books, documents you need for the class.

I use a graphic tablet to share my computer’s screen with you. With this tool, I write easily in real time with my oral explanations. In this way, the course is interatif as a physical course.


You wish to learn or perfect your grammar, practice your conversation, improve your oral skills, or simply learn French at your own ryhtm ?

Choose between :

1/ General French courses : introducing yourself, asking for information, expressing your opinion, conversation, grammar, writing and oral skills…

2/ The possibility to focus on a specific skill : pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar...

3/ French for Specific Purposes (FOS) applies to all professional fields : business French, tourism, international relations, law, medicine, gastronomy...

4/ DELF/DALF/TCF Exam preparation Courses : exam preparation workshops and practice tests for university and professional qualifications.

I garantees that :

- My courses are based on the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference For Languages* and use their certified manuals
- My courses are taught with the principal of total immersion
- My courses are defined with the student’s personal objectives in mind

The CEFR describes foreign language proficiency at six levels: A1 and A2, B1 and B2, C1 and C2

A1 : Elementary : using simple sentences. Understanding of common words.
A2 : Advanced elementary : communication in simple and routine tasks on topics and familiar activities.
B1 : Intermediate : efficient but limited mastery of the language in situations of everyday communication.
B2 : Intermediate : general command of language in social life.
C1 : Advanced : good mastery of language enabling structured verbal skills in social and professional life.
C2 : Advanced++ :fluency enabling excellent verbal skills in all situations.

My method is structured in a way that will make it a real pleasure to learn French.

Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.

J'enseigne le fle français langue étrangère. Pour les niveaux formation pour adultes, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, autre formation professionnelle, débutant, intermédiaire, avancé.
Je donne exclusivement des cours par Webcam.

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fiables à 100%. Elles correspondent à une vraie expérience vécue par les élèves du professeur.

La recommandation sur Dorothée

Juan Manuel

Elle était mon professeur quand j'étais à Paris . Elle était toujours patient et attentionné et a fait de son mieux pour donner un message clair . Je recommande Dororothée comme l'un des meilleurs professeurs que j'ai eu

Expériences de Dorothée

Having graduated with a Master of Education from the French higher education system in 2011, I began working as a “French as a Foreign Language” teacher in San Francisco.

When I moved back to France in 2013, I taught in several institutions that are qualified the Quality FLE Label. In June 2014, I obtained the official status of «state-accredited exam corrector for the DELF-DALF» (status recognized in France and abroad).

These various teaching experiences have opened my eyes as to the various difficulties encountered by students during linguistic immersion. As a student, I was already interested in this subject and wrote my dissertation on the scholastic experiences of non-francophone children who have recently immigrated to France.

My choice to become a teacher has been reaffirmed by the various academics teams I have had the pleasure of working with. Indeed, these different contexts have helped me to gain experience in the following domains : general French, grammar, conversation, languages workshops, literature, cinema...

I have experience working with students of all ages, backgrounds and levels.

I have had the opportunity to teach French to individuals, groups, by Skype and by phone.

Curriculum Vitae de Dorothée


Since 2014

"French as a Second Language" teacher in Paris - Freelance
Differents levels (from beginner to bilingual), as well as different class structures (group courses, individual courses and phone courses). Futhermore, leading class with complex themes such as conversation, grammar, literature, cinema, and language workshops.
French courses online worldwide as well.

DELF/DALF examiner in Paris - CIEP
State-accredited exam corrector for the DELF-DALF. Statuts recognized in France and abroad.

From 2013 to 2014

"French as a Second Language" teacher in Paris - Institut de Langue Française
L'Institut de Langue Française is accredited by the "French Foreign Language Quality Label".
From beginner to advanced.

From 2012-2013

"French as a Second Language" teacher in San Francisco (USA) - The French Class
From beginner to advanced.


Creation and edition of 1, 2, 3 Fleurs !
A school book for Kindergarden children

From 2000-2013

Private tutor in Paris - Freelance
Tutor in French (kids, teenagers and adults).
From beginner to advanced.


Master of Education, speciality in educating pre-school and primary school students.
(University of Cergy - Pontoise, France)

I wrote my dissertation on the school experiences of non-francophone children who have recently immigrated to France. I have therefore focused my dissertation on the institutional, linguistic, and pedagogical resources needed to facilitate the integration of immigrant children into a local educational system.

French equivalent of Bachelor of Education, specialty in educating pre-school and primary school students.
(University of Paris X, France)

TOEFL preparation course and English language classes.
(New York Language Center; NY, USA)

Licence « Sciences de l’Éducation »
(University of Paris X, France)

DEUG « Administration Économique et Sociale »
(University of Paris X, France)


Merit scholarships.
(University of Cergy - Pontoise, France)

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