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Etudiant donne cours de allemand et anglais jusqu'au niveau primaire et secondaire 20/h
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Etudiant donne cours de allemand et anglais jusqu'au niveau primaire et secondaire

I am a student who studies at the ULB since 2016. I am German but I also speak English fluently since I have lived in England for several years and received my secondary education partly in English.
My classes are aimed for complete beginners up to students who have an intermediate level of German or English. I would be able to help the student with getting to know the language orally and also in writing, or in just improving their already known skills, or to help preparing for tests and exams.

The traveling expenses depend on how far the student lives away from where I am. They will never become more than 5€ extra.

Infos pratiques sur Karin

J'enseigne l'anglais, l'allemand. Pour les niveaux primaire, secondaire, , A1, A2, B1, débutant, intermédiaire, B2, C1, avancé.

Je donne des cours en face à face, chez l'élève.

Expériences de Karin

I give classes of minimum 60 min and a maximum of 120 min on one day. The amount of classes withing a week can be negotiated with me.
I have taught several people or gave advises in German and English. My first students who were very young achieved already a basic knowledge of German since I taught it to them with games and with a lot of interaction.
I speak German and English fluently, dutch on a B1-B2 level and I am learning french (adding to my already basic knowledge) since I study at the ULB in a french tough course. I would be able to give classes in any of these languages named above.

Curriculum Vitae de Karin

I have graduated from a European School in Belgium and obtained the European Baccalaureate. Now I am a student at the ULB in Brussels and am studying Psychology and Education.
I have attended a dutch course for nearly 8 months in which I obtained my B1-B2 level of dutch.

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