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Chinoise enseigne le Tai Chi à Strasbourg pour partager la tranquilité - Spiritual traveler teaches Tai Chi to share the tranquility

Hello my dear friends! I am Chinese who learned Tai Chi following a Taoist Master in a tranquil mountain of Yunnan, southern west China. My pursuit of spirituality brings me deep connection with Tibetan Buddhism and Himalayan culture, as well as healing therapies. All my knowledge of the eastern wisdom will be included in this Tai Chi course. This Tai Chi is unique and authentic rooted from ancient Taoism wisdom. You will not find it in the market, nor in any martial school of China.

Everyone can learn it, no matter your age, gender, nationality, and very few words are needed through this body work. It doesn't matter what languages you speak. Learn through an open mind and an open heart. Your body will speak to you through practicing Tai Chi. As you gradually feel the flow of energy in your body, your life will turn into a beautiful new page. My teaching method is natural and simple. No stress. You will find yourself very comfortable to be who you are.

I will arrange outdoor activities and morning exercises from time to time.
I will combine traditional Chinese culture in the course, such as Chinese calligraphy, Tea-Tao, Taoism stories, etc.
I will help you improve your awareness and attention during learning, some meditation skills and practicing would help bring peace to your life.

You are most welcome to join me and make more friends through Tai Chi.

J'enseigne le tai chi. Pour les niveaux débutant, intermédiaire, avancé.
Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile ou chez l'élève.
Je donne des cours par Webcam.

Expériences de Nan

*Authentic and traditional Tai Chi learned from Taoist Master in Southern West China
*Balance your body, mind and spirit.
*Wisdom from the East, meditation practice included
*Improve self-awareness and interpersonal relationships through natural flowing of energy
*More confidence, more energy, deep relaxation to be with Who You Are

Curriculum Vitae de Nan

I had been learning Tai Chi for two years following a Taoist Master in southern west China, Yunnan Province, where the tale of Shangri-La oriented. In 2014, I spent over 100 days to live in a Taoist temple in a mountain with my master, getting up at 5 am everyday to train myself and spending most of the day practicing Tai Chi of Yang Style as well as the wisdom of Tao in the daily life. The intensive training and the life in the remote nature enabled me with great spiritual treasure. This set of Tai Chi consists of 81 movements which is like no other ‘Tai Chi’ that could be found in the market. My master learned it in a sacred mountain from an old monk. What he taught me is very unique rare even in China. And many people, including overseas friends, have traveled long to visit him and to learn few movements of Tai Chi from him.

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